10 reasons secured entry solutions are essential for modern security

Revolving door - secured entry solution for organizations

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Amanda Powell, Marketing Manager at Boon Edam USA explores the benefits that secured entry solutions bring to an organization.

The next step for security

Security measures like video surveillance and access control systems focus on deterring and detecting unauthorized access but are largely reactive in nature.

While these approaches provide great value, they can be vulnerable to bad actors and social engineering tactics.

As a result, security professionals and diverse end users are increasingly also using secured entry solutions as a proactive way to prevent unauthorized entry.

This trend highlights the numerous advantages these systems provide for a broad range of applications.

Beyond deterrence: a proactive approach

Unauthorized entry poses a significant business threat, leading to financial losses, legal repercussions and reputational damage.

Secured entry solutions offer a proactive approach to security by preventing unauthorized access.

Unlike traditional reactive security measures, these solutions physically prevent unauthorized individuals from entering, addressing the limitations of access control systems that only verify credentials.

Additionally, secured entry solutions are immune to social engineering tactics that manipulate employees into granting access to unauthorized individuals.

Ten compelling reasons to deploy secured entry solutions

In today’s security landscape, businesses across various industries recognize the need for proactive measures to safeguard their operations.

Secured entry solutions offer a comprehensive approach to preventing unauthorized access and enhancing overall security.

Here are ten compelling reasons organizations should consider integrating these advanced systems into their security strategy.

Secured entry solutions such as interlocking mantrap portals and security revolving doors physically prevent unauthorized access by using sensor systems to enforce single entry.

This effectively eliminates tailgating and piggybacking, where unauthorized individuals might attempt to follow closely behind authorized personnel to gain entry.

These solutions also play a critical role in mitigating workplace violence by deterring active shooters and introducing barriers that restrict their line of sight.

Incorporating bullet-resistant glass options further elevates security measures within high-risk environments.

Secured entry solutions also reduce cybersecurity risks by thwarting social engineering tactics that cyber-criminals typically employ to gain physical access to data centers and other secure areas.

Additionally, they offer a robust option to prevent loss and shrinkage in warehouses and distribution centers.

By minimizing the risk of theft while ensuring a hospitable environment for both customers and employees, they provide an effective deterrent.

Secured entrances enhance sustainability for climate control and air quality.

Revolving doors, for example, significantly reduce air exchange compared to traditional doors, while motion sensors ensure the door rotates only when someone enters or exits, promoting energy savings and temperature control within a facility.

Maintaining regulatory compliance is another critical advantage.

Secured entrances are designed in various configurations to align with industry-specific regulations on access control and unauthorized entry prevention, including PCI, NERC, HIPAA and FSMA.

These solutions also optimize security personnel resources by bridging the gap between security needs and workforce limitations.

They operate independently or in conjunction with security guards, offering a technology-based alternative to address staffing shortages and ensuring a 24/7 preventive measure for added security.

Managing traffic flow is more efficient with secured entrances.

They provide designated entry and exit points that effectively manage the flow of employees and visitors in bustling lobbies, ensuring order and efficiency.

Integration with access control systems is seamless with these solutions.

They incorporate cutting-edge technologies such as mobile access and biometric credentials to create a unified, advanced security system.

Lastly, secured entrances enhance facility aesthetics.

Modern secure entrances are available in a wide range of materials, such as steel, aluminum and glass, with various finishes including brushed metal, matte black and custom paint colors.

These entrances also offer different glazing options, allowing natural light to illuminate the lobby or interior while maintaining security and privacy.

They enhance a building’s architecture, create a welcoming and professional first impression, and align with the brand’s identity and values.

Incorporating secured entry solutions is not just about fortifying physical security but also about creating a safer, more efficient and aesthetically pleasing environment for employees and visitors alike.

Advanced security features

As businesses seek to bolster their security measures, advanced features in secured entrances are becoming increasingly essential.

These innovations not only fortify the physical security of facilities but also integrate seamlessly with modern technologies to provide a comprehensive security solution.

Several advanced features can further enhance the security capabilities of secured entrances, including biometrics, and vandal-resistant and bullet-resistant glass films.

Biometric technology incorporated into security entrances verifies a user’s identity through fingerprints, facial recognition or iris scans.

This sophisticated method adds another layer of authentication, ensuring that only authorized personnel gain access.

Vandal-resistant and bullet-resistant glass offer protection against smash-and-grab attempts, maintaining the integrity of the entrance even under attack.

In high-risk environments, bullet-resistant glass provides the ultimate security, safeguarding occupants from potential threats.

Adapting security for modern environments

The rise of hybrid work models, social instability and labor shortages necessitate autonomous security solutions.

Secured entrances offer a scalable and reliable way to address these challenges by preventing unauthorized entry, reducing reliance on security staff and future-proofing security measures.

They proactively prevent unauthorized access, mitigating risks associated with intrusions.

Additionally, they operate independently, reducing strain on security personnel.

Secured entry solutions are particularly well-suited for emerging work environments like co-working spaces, where security is paramount.

Secured entry solutions are a valuable addition to any organization’s security strategy.

By integrating secured entrances with existing security measures and leveraging advanced features, organizations can create a layered defense that effectively mitigates security risks in today’s ever-evolving threat landscape.

As security needs continue to evolve, secured entrances will undoubtedly play a critical role in safeguarding people, assets and data for years to come.

About the author

Amanda Powell is the Marketing Manager for Boon Edam USA, and is now in her third year with the company.

An accomplished marketing executive with extensive experience in developing and executing integrated marketing strategies, Amanda reports directly to the President & Managing Director of Boon Edam North America and collaborates with Global Marketing in the Netherlands to ensure brand continuity on a global scale. 

Amanda is responsible for the development of all marketing activities and materials for the North American market, including the development of intent based marketing programs targeting specific verticals for new business development, as well as and account based marketing programs to cultivate specific targeted prospect companies.

Prior to her role at Boon Edam, Amanda worked in marketing supporting prominent college athletics programs across the country for over eight years. 

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