SJA Exclusive: Unified access control at multi-site healthcare facilities

Mammoth Security - access control system

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Mammoth Security discusses a recent case study where the company improved security and access control at healthcare facilities in Eastern US.

Access control

In a strategic move to bolster its security apparatus, PhysicianOne Urgent Care has worked with Mammoth Security to deploy a unified and easily manageable access control system across 26 medical sites in Connecticut, Massachusetts and New York. 


Since its inception in 2008, PhysicianOne Urgent Care has been unwavering in its commitment to delivering swift and professional healthcare services in a secure environment. 

It’s no wonder then that they turned to Mammoth Security, Connecticut’s one-stop shop for smart security systems when they needed centralized control over entry management and intrusion detection across all their locations. 

Product selection

To help PhysicianOne select the best system to reliably and cost-effectively meet their multi-facility management needs, the experts at Mammoth Security first conducted thorough assessments of each site.

Ultimately, access control products by DMP (Digital Monitoring Products) were chosen for installation at PhysicianOne sites due to their flexible communication and wiring options and all-in-one intrusion detection and access control.

Systems by DMP are designed for customization and scalability, qualities aligned with the diverse and expanding operational requirements of PhysicianOne. 

Mammoth Security - access control system
Mammoth Security – access control


A DMP control panel would be deployed at each of the 26 PhysicianOne facilities to control DMP credential readers and keyless locks at up to eight different doors per panel.  

DMP control panels make access decisions and are capable of restricting access based on various criteria, such as schedules, times of day and security levels.

The system can even provide specific reasons for access denial, which can be displayed, stored or sent to centralized remote monitors. 

What’s more, DMP access control systems automatically maintain entry and exit log data.

This feature is especially useful for compliance with audit trail regulations that affect healthcare facilities.

Installation, configuration and training

The Mammoth Security team, well-known for top-grade workmanship, provided optimal placement of DMP’s credential readers, motion sensors, panels and other system components to ensure long-term, durable functionality. 

2-ISJ- SJA Exclusive: Unified access control at multi-site healthcare facilities
Mammoth Security – access control

During the installation process, the team discovered issues with equipment that had previously been installed by other installers.

In many cases, the cabling was not done correctly, or the wrong wire was used. 

As Mammoth Security replaced the old system, they provided new structured cabling, detailed customizations and software programming to connect all PhysicianOne facilities and meet the unique security and operational needs of each. 

The final deployment step at each location was a complimentary staff training. 

By selecting products with easy-to-use platform interfaces and providing free training, the Mammoth team ensured that the access control infrastructure they installed would be effectively leveraged by PhysicianOne administrators.

“A rewarding journey”

Having deployed a unified DMP access control and intrusion detection system at more than two dozen PhysicianOne sites in just a few weeks, the Mammoth Security team has positioned the institution to continue providing exceptional healthcare services in a safe and professional environment for many years to come.

“Deploying a DMP access control and security alarm system for PhysicianOne has been a meticulous and rewarding journey,” said Eugene Kilmaszewski, President of Mammoth Security Inc.

“We have a lot of experience ensuring secure, efficient and regulation-compliant healthcare environments and we’re proud to have applied our expertise to integrate and supercharge the security infrastructure across all PhysicianOne facilities.” 

Mammoth Security - access control key panel
Mammoth Security – access control key panel
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