Iowa agricultural business uses VIVOTEK solution to reduce theft

VIVOTEK camera - VORTEX solution

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VIVOTEK has revealed that its new video surveillance as a service (VSaaS), VORTEX, has been used as a surveillance solution for the Iowa-based Olson Seed Service, which provides consulting and Pioneer Seeds and nutrients to local farmers.

Agricultural business

According to the company, Olson Seed Service has a large investment in equipment and supplies that it has stored inside its facility along with equipment and vehicles parked outside.

VIVOTEK says that after system integrator Tech Zone’s on-site visit, they came up with a design to cover Olson Seed Service’s doors, outside parking and equipment on its lot with three cameras, along with two cameras inside covering production and inventory.

Tech Zone chose VIVOTEK’s new VSaaS, VORTEX, a comprehensive end-to-end AI surveillance solution that seamlessly integrates deep-learning-based network cameras with cloud video management software.

VORTEX provides intelligent and easy-to-use data analysis services. Its hybrid cloud architecture allows it to transcend conventional storage frameworks.

Video data can be stored and analyzed via edge computing directly within the camera and backed up in the cloud, significantly reducing time, cost and bandwidth limitations of the past, VIVOTEK says.

In addition to real-time alerts, VORTEX is capable of sieving through big data to identify or follow past events and its hybrid cloud architecture allows for unlimited cloud archive, automatic backup, event management and instant sharing.


Overall, Tech Zone installed five VORTEX cameras throughout the interior and exterior of the business – three FD837-HTV 5-Megapixel, IP66/IK10-rated, remote focus, zoom lens dome cameras and two FD839-EHV five-megapixel, fixed lense IP66/IK10-rated outdoor dome cameras ideal for VORTEX applications.

“Thanks to VORTEX and Tech Zone for giving us peace-of-mind,” said Paul Olson, owner of Olson Seed. “Ownership today has changed in so many ways. This is another way to manage my business while protecting my assets.”

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