AI-based systems added to SEICO offering to enhance school security

IntelliSee - weapons detection for school security

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SEICO Security, an integrated security system installer, has announced that it now offers educational facilities more proactive school security solutions with AI-based systems and concealed weapons detection.

AI school security systems

Among the solutions for school security now available is the IntelliSee AI Risk Mitigation Platform, which features active monitoring – a reliable, proactive solution that overlays and continuously scans live surveillance camera feeds for threats.

“IntelliSee covers multiple risks for one flat rate, detecting threats from drawn guns to trespassers. This deep-learning AI evolves ongoing as it protects students, staff and property,” said Brad Juergens, SEICO President.

Also available is NetWatch’s Proactive Video Monitoring (PVM) with optic-based AI, designed to stop crimes.

Intervention specialists receive alerts when filtering software detects threats, who then give real-time audio warnings to intruders, often causing them to flee while providing real-time support to authorities.

“NetWatch monitoring centers offer geo-diversity to ensure continuous vigilance of facility assets. It’s a smarter way to prevent crimes 24/7/365,” said Juergens.

Concealed weapons detection

SEICO also says that it offers the Motorola Solutions Concealed Weapons Detection (CWD), powered by Evolv Technology’s Evolv Express.

According to SEICO, this solution offers advanced sensors and AI to detect concealed weapons and other threats.

Integrating the Avigilon Control Center (ACC) is best practice, SEICO highlights. Cameras onboard towers stream live video to ACC, recorded alongside the fixed video security feeds installed at the facility. Once a threat is detected, alarms are sent to ACC.

“Evolv Express CWD shows real-time where the threat is on a body or in a bag, while reducing physical contact,” said Juergens.

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