Ai-RGUS experiences important period of growth


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This year’s GSX in Atlanta September 12-14, 2022, marked a very important milestone for AI camera system health and management company, Ai-RGUS.  

To support its rapid growth within the camera system security and health market, Ai-RGUS Co-Founder Joelle Grunblatt, has assembled an experienced field team of Chris Harper, Nick Israel, Gary Lahti and Matthew Pfeiffer to further grow and develop system integrator partnerships within the industry.

This significant growth of the team expands Ai-RGUS’ ability to reach out and help system integrators manage their customers’ camera systems more efficiently, ensuring that all parts of the systems are operational and working as intended. By using an automated software such as Ai-RGUS, system integrators can offer this high-quality service to their customers at a lower price than ever.

After Ai-RGUS’ successful creation and solution development for Duke University in 2017 to solve its camera system maintenance and support challenges, Ai-RGUS commercialized and entered the security market in 2020.

Even with the challenging market effects of the covid experience, with its unique capabilities, system management and cost savings Ai-RGUS has been rapidly accepted for use by system integrators and for them to provide this as a product for their end-users as the standard for camera system health, support and maintenance solutions.

The Ai-RGUS solution and mission is simple, know and fix camera system malfunctions before that all-important video or clip is needed after an event.

What Ai-RGUS does

Imagine the time it would take to manually verify all parts of the camera system or do this without a software dedicated to this problem such as Ai-RGUS in order to automatically do in seconds.

With Ai-RGUS you can confirm:

• DVR/NVR storage device connectivity

• Health of each drive/disk as well as available storage

• Images are being received from each camera

• Short and long term recording history of each camera

• Time synchronization (protect against drift)

Ai-RGUS also developed custom artificial intelligence algorithms to detect image clarity problems such as a blurred view, blocked, tilted, glared, or that has low light.

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