Alcatraz AI highlights 2024 biometric access control trends

Facial recognition - biometric access control

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Alcatraz AI has released a new report focused on the trends that are likely to shape the biometric access control landscape in 2024.

“Biometrics for access control are poised for a transformative era, propelled by the evolving landscape of access control technology, heightened safeguards for individual privacy and the escalating need for streamlined solutions,” said Tina D’Agostin, CEO of Alcatraz AI.

“Our commitment lies in creating access control technology that not only embraces these shifts but also paves the way for future-proof technology, ensuring uncompromising security and frictionless experiences.”

Biometric access control trends

According to Alcatraz AI, some of the key trends for next year will be:

  • Ethical artificial intelligence (AI): ethical considerations take center stage as AI integrates into access control. Ensuring fairness and transparency is paramount
  • Sustainable technology: biometric access control embraces sustainability through energy efficiency, eco-materials and renewable energy, addressing environmental concerns
  • Data privacy and compliance: stricter data privacy regulations require robust security standards. Transparency and user control over data collection and usage are essential
  • Open standard: access control systems shift to easy-to-implement and scale solutions. Plug-and-play designs simplify adoption and scalability becomes cost-effective

Read the full report here.

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