AMAG Technology announces integration with RealNetworks

AMAG solution - integration with RealNetworks

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AMAG Technology, an Allied Universal Company, has revealed that its Symmetry Access Control software now integrates with RealNetworks’ SAFR SCAN facial authentication reader to provide seamless and frictionless access to doors.

The touchless facial reader, integrated with Symmetry, quickly scans faces to determine if an individual is allowed access to a door and authenticates up to 30 people per minute. According to the company, SAFR SCAN’s facial detection technology is 99.9% accurate and uses anti-spoofing technology to ensure accurate identification. The integration provides a secure and reliable solution that is ideal for both indoors and outdoors in any lighting and environment.

The company says that the server-to-server integration between Symmetry Access Control and SAFR SCAN is transparent to the user. All data between the two systems automatically syncs, providing a seamless and reliable solution. Cardholder data in Symmetry automatically transfers to the SAFR system. Users can easily enroll themselves in seconds.

“We are excited to offer an integration that provides seamless, dual-authentication for our customers with SAFR SCAN,” said AMAG Technology, Vice President of Product Management, Jonathan Moore. “The facial detection and authentication technology allows users to quickly and securely access doors in any environment when used with Symmetry Access Control.”

AMAG highlights that when used with Symmetry Mobile, AMAG’s mobile credential management platform, enrollment is frictionless. Users can take their own photo and when approved by the security team it will automatically synchronize into the SAFR SCAN database.

“AMAG’s vision to constantly enhance the customer experience with technologically advanced solutions is perfectly aligned with what SCAN was designed to provide with a facial authentication reader,” said President of SAFR from RealNetworks, Paul DiPeso. “We’re thrilled with the partnership between AMAG and SAFR.”

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