Amazon Fresh store incorporates intelligent surveillance & AI

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The newly opened Amazon Fresh grocery shop in London has intelligently incorporated smartphone technology, surveillance and AI and deep learning to provide shoppers with a unique retail experience.

The software incorporates the use of cameras and depth-sensors to track shoppers as they move in and around the store.

As visitors enter the shop – which is the company’s first to be opened outside of the US – they must identify themselves using the Amazon Shopping app by scanning an account-unique barcode. This means that when they leave the shop, not only can shoppers simply walk out without the need to interact with a cashier or physical till, they can be billed automatically.

It has been confirmed that the shopping experience does not involve facial recognition and, despite initial privacy concerns, Amazon will only associate in-store data with a customer account for up to 30 days.

Matt Birch, Director of Amazon Fresh Stores and an ex-Sainsbury’s Executive, said that the new shop is simple for customers: “When you’re finished, you’re free to walk out.”

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