Apstec Systems brings smart screening solution to Latin American market 

Latin America - smart screening solution brought to market

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Apstec Systems has confirmed that it will expand the global launch of its new smart screening solution Human Security Scanner (HSS) Falcon to Latin America.

The company says that HSS Falcon delivers a quantum leap in security screening as the first solution able to screen people, their hand-carried bags and wheeled cabin-sized luggage for explosives.

Smart screening

Apstec highlights that the solution automatically detects explosives, weapons, pyrotechnics, narcotics and cash on people and in bags. 

A highly mobile solution that fits unobtrusively into the customer environment, Apstec says that HSS Falcon smart screening solution can be rapidly deployed for indoor or outdoor use, independent of infrastructure to significantly improve the speed and agility of screening operations.

“We are very pleased to be expanding the launch of HSS Falcon to Latin America and look forward to introducing this revolutionary technology to the Latin American region,” said Stephen Cooper, Apstec’s COO. 

“Organizations and government agencies from around the world have been searching for practical, proportionate and cost-effective screening solutions for some time. 

“In HSS Falcon, we are delivering the next-generation screening technology the market has been waiting for; it is cost-effective, deployed in minutes and has the ability to detect threats unlike any other technology.”

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