Arizona police department deploys advanced body camera analytics

Police - body camera analytics for law enforcement

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Body camera review and analysis technology company, Truleo, has announced that the Queen Creek Police Department in Arizona has signed on to use its body camera data analysis platform to help improve law enforcement interactions with the public.

Truleo says that it uses audio analytics to process body camera videos for law enforcement agencies to help automate supervision, facilitate coaching and promote police professionalism.

The technology detects critical events such as uses of force, pursuits, frisks and non-compliance incidents, and screening for both professional and unprofessional officer language so supervisors can then praise or review officers’ conduct.

Body camera analytics

Truleo’s technology analyzes footage automatically, even separating out civilian and officer language. 

It can then convert all of a department’s body camera videos into searchable insights, providing a more comprehensive review to facilitate coaching.

“We’re extremely proud to be working with the Queen Creek Police Department and Chief Randy Brice on implementing this technology,” said Truleo CEO and Co-Founder Anthony Tassone.

“Across the country, we’ve seen the difference our technology can make for both officers and the community.

“We look forward to seeing the ways Truleo will help the department supervise its officers and assure its citizens that those officers are meeting the highest standards of law enforcement.”

“Our department is committed to providing professional and collaborative service to our community,” said Chief Brice.

“We strive every day to connect and communicate in a way that fosters trust and transparency.

“We look forward to seeing how Truleo can provide another layer of effective training, oversight and transparency for our organization.”

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