Asylon completes more than 100,000 robotic security missions

Asylon - robotic security drone

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Asylon has revealed that it has surpassed a major milestone, with more than 100,000 robotic security missions completed.

According to the company, a completed mission is defined as an alarm response or security patrol by either an aerial or ground-based robotic asset.

Drones and robots are only as valuable as the frequency they operate, the data they collect and the efficiency they produce,” said Brent McLaughlin, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Asylon.

“Through the development of our own hardware and software, along with the establishment of a 24/7/365 operations and monitoring center, we have effectively addressed the challenges companies face when seeking to operationalize a robotic asset.

“We’ve found that this turnkey approach not only rapidly unlocks the value that robotics can deliver but also serves as the key to scaling the solution across the enterprise.”

Robotic security

Asylon says that by developing and integrating advanced American-made drones and robotic security platforms into a complete turnkey solution, it is on a mission to create safer places for people and property.

Additionally, in 2022, 50% of security professionals said labor shortages were a top challenge and the national annual turnover rate is estimated to be between 100%-300%. 

Technology therefore continues to be a source of solutions for companies that are building for the future.

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