Automatic Systems reveals software upgrade to improve cybersecurity

Automatic Systems - turnstiles

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Automatic Systems, a manufacturer of pedestrian and vehicle secure entrance control access systems, has announced the release of its V07 software, designed specifically to address cybersecurity concerns and ensure the integrity and confidentiality of the company’s applications.


According to Automatic Systems, with the new V07 software, updates will be delivered by means of an encrypted file.

This provides end users with the assurance that the application installed is from Automatic Systems.

The software communicates using an Automatic Systems generated encryption key, the company says.

An end user can also choose to add their own personalized encryption key before granting access to their internal network.

The V07 is designed for use with the Automatic Systems SlimLane, SlimLite and FirstLane optical barrier speed gate turnstiles as well as its AccessLane swing gates, as these devices use the AS1190 motherboard.

The new software will also secure xml-rpc (supervision) and http (integrated web pages) communication. 

“It was clear that, as a supplier of access control devices, it was essential to protect against cyber-attacks to guarantee service availability, data integrity and confidentiality,” said David Enderle, General Director at Automatic Systems.

“We began this development three years ago and today we’re seeing a real shift in our market’s reality, so these enhancements come at just the right time.

“More and more devices are being placed on the customer’s local network for monitoring purposes. They are therefore subject to the customer’s IT security constraints and undergo recurring penetration tests.”

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