New Axis camera fuses video and radar for detection and visualization

Axis Communications - video

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Axis Communications has announced the release of a new device that delivers deep learning-powered object classification based on the fusion of video and radar.

According to the company, the new AXIS Q1656-DLE Radar-Video Fusion Camera is ideal for accurate 24/7 detection and wide-area intrusion protection, delivering improved scene intelligence combined with the forensic value of video.

The device offers Q-line camera functionality and excellent image usability combined with a fully integrated radar, the company says. Using the radar, the camera can detect objects over wide areas regardless of visibility. It can then visualize the speed and distance of moving objects directly in the application view.

This smart device makes it possible to set up events triggered by suspicious behavior based on speed and classification – like running humans and slow-cruising cars. The radar can also be used separately to guide a standalone PTZ camera. Additionally, because radar “sees” in the dark, it’s also possible to set triggers to activate flood lights, IR or façade lights only when needed saving effort and energy costs, Axis notes.

Robust and weather-resistant, Axis says that this device offers built-in cybersecurity features to safeguard the system. With just one device to install, one cable drop, one IP address and one video management software (VMS) license, it also offers lower installation and lifetime costs.

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