Axon announces strategic acquisition of Fusus


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Axon has announced the acquisition of Fusus, a leader in real-time crime center (RTCC) technology.  

This news builds upon a successful strategic partnership launched in May 2022, marking a leap forward in Axon‘s mission to protect life, it said 

This acquisition also further catalyzes Axon’s growing presence in retail, healthcare, private security and the federal space. 

Fusus skill is in aggregating live video, data and sensor feeds from virtually any source, enhancing situational awareness and investigative capabilities for public safety, education and commercial customers.  

New technology part of acquisition 

This acquisition provides Axon with technology not currently in its existing network and facilitates connections to critical data sources such as camera locations and video feeds from both fixed and body worn cameras during unfolding incidents.  

Fusus’ technology propels Axon’s real-time operations product roadmap, addressing critical challenges faced in public safety.  

The companies say that it empowers law enforcement professionals with location mapping, escalation alerts, livestreaming, real-time and post-incident visibility, allowing swift decision-making and responsive actions. 

“Throughout our long-standing partnership and investment with Fusus, we’ve witnessed the impact of collaboration in achieving remarkable results for law enforcement agencies and the communities they serve,” said Ran Mokady, Senior Vice President of Real-Time Operations, Axon.  

“The Fusus team’s exceptional prowess will help us to unlock impactful real-time operations capabilities for public safety and businesses worldwide.  

“This acquisition is a significant milestone in our mission to protect life as it further enables law enforcement and emergency teams to better deter and respond to escalating situations.” 

Both Fusus and Axon have long believed that customers benefit from open ecosystem compatibility with various devices and systems across the public safety and commercial technology landscape and the combined product offering currently supports devices and sensors from dozens of different providers — a number that is expected to continue to grow. 

Community safety  

“Our collaboration with Axon has helped Fusus raise the bar on how first responders can affect positive outcomes through open and interoperable systems,” said Chris Lindenau, CEO of Fusus. 

“As one team with a shared purpose to protect life, we are poised to rapidly expand this vision into the way law enforcement agencies, governments, businesses and schools work together in support of community safety.” 

Real-time crime centers provide public safety with a centralized facility equipped with technology and data analysis tools that enable law enforcement agencies to monitor and respond to incidents in real time.  

These centers can integrate various data sources, such as cameras, sensors, social media feeds and other information systems, to provide a view of ongoing criminal activities or emergencies. 

Ultimately, by aggregating all this information into a single pane of glass for public safety, real-time crime centers enhance situational awareness, improve response times and support proactive crime prevention efforts by leveraging up-to-the-minute information and analytics. 

“Real-time crime centers serve as indispensable assets for agencies, offering unparalleled insight and actionable intelligence in one open and unified platform,” said Marshall Freeman, Deputy Chief Administrative Officer for the Atlanta Police Department.  

“Their simplicity and effectiveness make them a force multiplier for enhancing efficiency and safety.  

“By swiftly implementing these advanced centers for real-time crime monitoring and response, agencies can catalyze positive change within their communities.  

“I wholeheartedly encourage all agencies to embrace this cutting-edge technology and experience its transformative impact firsthand.” 

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