US baseball association names Xtract One exclusive preferred supplier

Baseball stadium - Xtract One new partnership

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Xtract One Technologies will serve as the exclusive preferred supplier for the American Association of Professional Baseball (AAPB).

Through this three-year partnership, Xtract One will have the unique ability to advise AAPB regarding security and weapon detection technology, deploy solutions and ensure best practices to deliver first-class fan experiences. 

The AAPB currently has 12 teams, with significant expansion on the horizon.

The league collectively welcomes over 1.9 million patrons to their baseball stadiums each year and aspires to transform their venues into dynamic entertainment hubs to deliver optimal fan experiences.

According to Xtract One, this collaboration signifies a significant step forward in delivering streamlined and efficient security measures, enhancing venue safety, minimizing wait times and fostering enhanced patron experiences across the AAPB’s entertainment centers.  

Security screening

In its exclusive role, Xtract One will work closely with AAPB to deploy cutting-edge security and weapon detection technology solutions tailored to the league’s needs and dynamic, family-centric venues.

Xtract One says that its Gateway system replaces traditional metal detectors and hand wands, delivering fast, reliable and seamless patron screening.

This solution unobtrusively scans patrons for guns, knives and other prohibited items as they enter the facility, using AI-powered sensors to detect threats without invading patrons’ sense of privacy and comfort.

The system was designed for large, ticketed venues to enable high throughput and a brand-enhancing patron experience.

With Xtract One, AAPB will eliminate long entry lines, allowing fans to quickly and safely enter the venue and enjoy the event.

“The AAPB is all about family experiences, family fun, good times and great memories,” said Joshua Schaub, Commissioner of AAPB.

“Our top priority is to enhance these experiences and to continue expanding our offerings.

“We are delighted to partner with Xtract One on this journey to deliver an even safer and more enjoyable experience for all.”

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