Bogotá police utilize facial recognition from Corsight AI

Bogota and facial recognition

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Corsight AI has partnered with NewSat, a specialist integrator of technological solutions in Latin America, to improve public safety in Bogotá through its innovative facial recognition solutions.

A recent 30-day proof-of-concept (POC) trial of the company‘s technology conducted in collaboration with the Bogotá Metropolitan Police in TransMilenio – the city’s bus rapid transit system – resulted in the successful capture of individuals wanted for murder and theft.

Transport safety

According to the company, the carefully planned and implemented POC setup utilized 20 cameras strategically positioned throughout the TransMilenio network.

Corsight AI’s facial recognition software, powered by four rotating licenses, was harnessed to analyze these cameras and cross-reference them against a database containing the records of over 5,000 individuals with active court orders in Bogotá.

This enabled law enforcement to quickly and accurately identify and locate wanted individuals.

In the first two weeks of the POC, the facial recognition system led to the apprehension of six individuals: one for homicide and the remaining five for theft.

One of them managed to escape and the rest were caught and arrested by the Bogotá police.

“As part of the Bogotá Operation program, the police linked this software to the Mass Transportation System,” said Lieutenant Colonel Jader Llerena Rivas, the Commander of Mass Transportation Service from the Bogotá Metropolitan Police.

“We have a database of over 5,000 people with active court orders in the city and apprehending these individuals will help us improve the public safety perception by bringing them to justice.”

“The successful POC held in collaboration with our valued partner NewSat illustrates the significant potential this technology holds in deterring criminal activity and making public spaces safer for Bogotá residents,” added Karla M. López, Corsight AI Sales Manager for LATAM.

Corsight AI remains committed to advancing the capabilities of facial recognition technology and contributing to public safety efforts in cities and communities around the world.”

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