Bosch Building Technologies collaborates with Eagle Eye Networks


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Bosch Building Technologies has added Eagle Eye Networks as a Global Technology Partner for Cloud Video Management Systems.

AI in video surveillance is transforming how businesses approach security, according to the company.

Bosch Building Technologies is investing in proactive and intelligent solutions for security and business optimization supporting secure environments in and around buildings, perimeters and traffic.

Working efficiently

The increasing importance of video data for security applications and beyond drives the trend of connecting cameras to the cloud.

Cloud technology offers benefits such as scalability, cost-efficiency and centralized management.

The partnership between Bosch Building Technologies and Eagle Eye Networks aims to provide an intelligent solution that supports businesses to work more efficiently and make the world a safer place.

“We are an open camera player with multiple software partners and we are delighted to add Eagle Eye Networks as a partner to further extend our cloud-related offerings to our customers, benefiting them with our differentiating camera technologies,” said Michael Seiter, Senior Vice President of Bosch Video Systems and Solutions.

“Just like our outstanding partnerships with other leading solution providers, we look forward to creating key differentiators in this powerful edge and cloud partnership.”

Eagle Eye says its true cloud solutions are known to be smart, simple and secure.

Purpose-built for the cloud and AI, the Eagle Eye Cloud VMS addresses customers’ security needs with scalability, flexible pricing plans, a wide array of advanced analytics and an open RESTful API platform for developers to easily create applications leveraging and integrating cloud video surveillance, the company reports.

Bosch Building Technologies offers a wide range of AI-enabled fixed, moving, specialty and robust cameras that deliver the right levels of data and evidence, are secure and cyber-resistant and are easy to deploy.

Bosch’s application-specific Video Analytics at the edge perform real-time video processing to automatically generate metadata descriptions of events.


The integration of Bosch cameras with built-in Video Analytics and the Eagle Eye Cloud VMS provides users with advanced notifications of potential security risks, enhancing situational awareness and ensuring control from anywhere.

Visual data generated by Bosch cameras is accurate and reliable, supporting smart decisions and proactive responses to minimize risk and potential damages.

Video cameras can act as sensors thanks to edge-based, application-specific analytics, helping secure perimeters, increase safety in or around buildings and collect data for decision-making.

The Eagle Eye Cloud VMS allows detailed video access through the cloud, with options for event-based or continuous recording and storage retention ranging from seven days to five years.

This integrated solution is scalable, facilitating deployment in bandwidth-limited areas and features an AI-powered Smart Video Search, enabling users to search for a person, vehicle, or object across multiple cameras and sites, returning accurate results immediately.

“We are extremely pleased that Bosch Building Technologies has invited Eagle Eye Networks to become a technology partner and look forward to delivering exceptional cloud and edge solutions that solve business problems and deliver value to our global customers,” said Dean Drako, Founder and CEO of Eagle Eye Networks.

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