Brazil cash management company partners with Corsight AI

Cash management

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TBForte Segurança e Transporte de Valores Ltda, a subsidiary of TecBan – Tecnologia Bancária S.A. and a Brazilian organization specializing in cash management and cash-in-transit (CIT), is partnering with Corsight AI to reshape access control and surveillance measures in its fortified centers.

Corsight AI says that its facial recognition solution offers real-time identification of individuals attempting to access TBForte secure sites.

This system cross-references individuals against a list of authorized personnel, granting access to those approved while promptly alerting security if an unauthorized person is detected.

According to the company, its integration with TBForte’s operational cash management framework addresses the complex challenge of managing a continuous flow of individuals, including armed guards, truck drivers and other personnel accessing and departing from these sites around the clock.

“This collaboration exemplifies TBForte’s dedication to innovation and security,” said Joiandro Carvalho, Head of Innovation and Infrastructure of TBForte.

Protection for cash management

Corsight AI says that its facial recognition can accurately and swiftly detect faces even in challenging real-world conditions, such as distant or awkward camera angles, low-quality images, partially obscured faces and low-light environments.

“With Corsight AI’s robust technology, we are setting new benchmarks in operational security, ensuring that our fortified cash centers remain impervious to unauthorized access while facilitating smooth entrance for authorized personnel,” added Paulo Sudahia, Head of IT TBForte.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with TBForte as a whole in fortifying their security measures while ensuring optimal operational efficiency,” said Geraldo Sanga, Corsight AI Brazil Regional Sales Director.

Corsight AI‘s cutting-edge facial recognition technology, known for its ethics, accuracy and adaptability, aligns perfectly with TBForte’s commitment to exceptional security standards.”

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