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Brazil’s Floripa Airport selects Genetec to enhance safety

Floripa Airport in Brazil - new Genetec solution supplied

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The Hercílio Luz International Airport in Florianópolis (Floripa), Brazil has implemented Genetec’s Security Center platform to handle its physical security and deliver insights.

Floripa Airport

Having been named as the ‘best airport in Brazil’ by the Brazilian National Civil Aviation Secretariat (SAC), Floripa is a modern Brazilian airport. Managed by Zurich Airport Brazil, the airport underwent an extensive expansion project and reopened in October 2019 to accommodate up to eight million passengers a year.

“It was very important for us to choose a modern security system that could be totally integrated with the airport’s critical operations,” said Kleyton Mendes, Executive Manager of Zurich Airport Brazil. “Genetec Security Center has allowed us to implement state-of-the-art technology and integrate new hardware, AI and analytics tools, while increasing our cybersecurity posture.”

The new platform

The Genetec platform currently manages over 500 cameras and 210 doors to administrative and critical areas of the terminal, such as boarding, arrivals and customs. As Genetec Security Center is based on an open platform, the company says that it can integrate a variety of operational systems and sophisticated analytics tools such as the ability to identify and track unaccompanied luggage and generate alerts so that appropriate security measures can be taken.

Using the Security Center Plan Manager tool, the airport’s security teams can visualize and manage their security environments through an interface that displays the location of events and devices on geographical maps and floor plans. Cameras, doors, automatic license plate recognition units, intercoms and other security devices can also be operated from the same interface. Plan Manager can additionally display relevant information from external systems, enriching operators’ comprehension so they can quickly make the right decision.

Protecting data

Genetec highlights that the Security Center enables the airport to remain compliant with Brazil’s General Data Protection Law (LGPD). Using the reporting tools in Security Center, the Floripa security team is also able to easily create security compliance reports required by ANAC, Brazil’s civil aviation authority to ensure the security of critical environments.

“In working with Floripa Airport, we were able to provide a solution that meets their needs and that will allow them to scale and evolve in the years to come while remaining compliant with local laws and regulations, ” said Alexandre Nastro, Vertical Sales Manager Government & Infrastructure at Genetec Inc.

SJA Analysis

  • The use of Genetec‘s Security Center platform to manage hundreds of cameras across the airport should improve its operations, from both a security and administrative perspective
  • Integrating a variety of systems and analytic technologies will provide the airport with the capability to track luggage that may otherwise have been lost, thereby enhancing safety for both employees and passengers
  • Data is of high importance, particularly with Brazil’s LGPD, so making sure that the Security Center is compliant was essential for Floripa
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