Brivo partners with Urban Outfitters to enhance employee and visitor Security


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Brivo has announced a partnership with Urban Outfitters to modernise its physical security systems.

Urban Outfitters (URBN) a lifestyle products and services company that operates a portfolio of global consumer brands comprised of the Anthropologie Group (Anthropologie and Terrain), Free People Group (Free People and FP Movement), Urban Outfitters, Nuuly and Menus & Venues brands, has announced a partnership with Brivo to modernize its physical security systems.

Known for whimsical products and distinctive store designs, URBN has over 562 stores and 23,000 employees across North America. The company has created a significant footprint in the retail industry, and to meet the evolving demands of the market, it needed to revamp its physical security for its distribution centers.

URBN wanted increased speed, remote accessibility and automation of the user database. The goal was to migrate towards a cutting-edge cloud-based system with an innovative administrator interface. URBN also wanted to preserve its original buildings’ signature look and character. After comprehensively evaluating solutions, the company turned to Brivo. 

Brivo provides “perfect” solution

John Owad, Director of Loss Prevention, Logistics at URBN, said: “Urban Outfitters is committed to staying at the forefront of both the retail and technology industries. To continue to thrive as a commercial enterprise, we knew that we had to explore adopting a more comprehensive and user-friendly access control system. After encountering limitations with our existing security platform, we felt Brivo was the best partner for the transition. Brivo’s access control provided the perfect solution, offering high-quality hardware and a holistic network that streamlined URBN’s security processes.”

The selection criteria for URBN’s new security system was rigorous. It had to be based on proven technology, provide flawless performance, and offer a seamless process for guests and visitors without compromising hardware reliability. Everon National Accounts Manager Bill Rose fostered the partnership with Brivo based on the solution URBN needed. Brivo enabled URBN to integrate access control functionality into its visitor process seamlessly.

“We’re excited to partner with URBN to bring this new solution to life. Everything URBN does has such a unique look and feel, even on the backend, so we knew preserving its physical structures was a huge priority. We worked closely with the company every step of the way to ensure this integrity was intact. By leveraging the power of the cloud and cutting-edge access control systems, URBN is poised to continue its growth and innovation in the ever-evolving retail landscape,” said Mary Clark, CMO at Brivo

Since its adoption, Brivo’s solution has improved the overall efficiency of URBN’s operations. All the company’s call and distribution centers now use Brivo. The company runs a more efficient operation by freeing its team to focus on their core responsibilities instead of managing a database, precisely because of its remote management capabilities and integration with Active Directory. From the automation of the database, it is estimated to have saved 650 labor hours annually. That number continues to increase as the company expands its supply chain network across North America. 

Brivo’s integration also allowed URBN to incorporate visitor screening questions directly into the check-in process, making accessing and digitally signing all required documents easier, particularly in federal trade zones. This streamlined approach enhances security while simplifying visitor management.

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