New cable series lineup unveiled by TechLogix Networx

TechLogix Networx - new cable series lineup

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TechLogix Networx, a provider of audio-visual, security and datacom solutions from NSI Building Technologies, has announced new products in its MOFO Cable Series lineup.

True fiber core

The company says that new solutions among the MOFO Series include 8K HDMI cables with detachable heads (HD21D), USB-C (USBC) cables, USB-A to USB-C (USBAC) cables and DisplayPort 2.0 (DP20) cables.

“TechLogix MOFO cables leverage a true fiber core to deliver unparalleled speed, bandwidth and reliability,” explained Cameron Smith, NSI Vice President.

“Pre-terminated HDMI, USB and DisplayPort connectors accommodate installations in seconds and the optical construction provides complete immunity to RF, EM and electrical interference without the need for inline boosters, extenders or power supplies. Plus, MOFO cables can be repurposed in the field using standard fiber optic tools and connectors.”

Cable series features

According to TechLogix, the HD21D cables have been designed for easier pulling through conduit and tight spaces.

Each cable also includes an optional 5V power supply for boosting low-output devices on longer cable runs. MOFO 8K cables are backwards compatible with 1080p and 4K devices.

USBC cables extend SuperSpeed and Hi-Speed USB data and power (60W/20V/3A) up to 10m, the company says.

Additionally, the USBAC cable series adapt USB type A connections to USB type C connections and extend SuperSpeed and Hi-Speed USB data and power (2.5W/5V/0.9A) up to 50m.

DP20 cables also feature the native, uncompressed transmission of DisplayPort signals up to 100m without the need for external power supplies, boosters or extenders. The DP20 cables support VESA resolutions up to 40G 8K.

“MOFO cables are available in traditional cable constructions, wallplate and table insert constructions and heavy-duty micro-armored constructions,” Smith added.

“Forget clunky extenders and bandwidth-limited copper cable. TechLogix MOFO cables deliver cleaner installations, fewer failure points, superior signal quality and future-ready cable runs.”

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