Camden introduces CM-SR Series wireless receivers and transmitters

Camden Door Controls fob

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Camden Door Controls has announced its new CM-SR Series standalone two-channel wireless relay receiver and encrypted fobs.

According to the company, the CM-SRX2 relay receivers support up to 30 transmitters. IP65 weather-resistant, they feature a rugged construction with a built-in antenna for mounting both outdoors and indoors.

The two Form C contacts are rated 1 A @30 VDC. CM-WTX2 ultra compact fobs are 868 Mhz. transmitters with high security rolling code, with 19 trillion combinations.

The company also says that the CM-SRFM2 system kit includes one high security stand-alone wireless receiver and two transmitters.

“CM-SR Series wireless systems are designed to activate locking devices, such as magnetic locks and electric strikes and automatic gate and door operators. They’re ideal for one or two door access control and are especially beneficial in retail, commercial and healthcare facility settings. The rugged IP65 rated components are also perfect for gate or parking garage applications,” Camden Door Controls says.

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