Camden introduces new surface mount RIM strike model

New all-black strike from Camden Door Controls

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Camden Door Controls has announced a new, all-black model of its surface mount RIM strike with pre-load.

According to the company, this CX-EPD1289L-BK grade 1 surface mount RIM strike with latch monitoring also offers a ‘universal’ strike design that delivers unsurpassed application flexibility, with both UL security and fire listings.

The importance of aesthetics

The company says that black finishes on hardware are gaining popularity and its new ‘all-black’ design, including the jaws and latch monitor, is unique in the market. Along with its aesthetics, Camden highlights that the new CX-EPD1289L-BK RIM strike doesn’t compromise on performance and will operate where other strikes fail.

Camden also says that the primary reason RIM strikes fail to operate is due to pressure on the keepers of the strike, known as pre-load. This can be caused by differences in air pressure on each side of the door, a misaligned door or simply someone pushing on the door before the strike is unlocked.

Regardless of the cause, the company reveals that its 1289L RIM strike will continue to operate without failure. Furthermore, it can help reduce future service calls and eliminate the need to stock a range of RIM strike models.

Additional features

Camden says that installation is quick and easy, as a metal mounting jig is included in the package. Additionally, like all strikes from the company, the new strike is backed by Camden’s exclusive five year no-hassle product warranty.

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