Camden’s latest “5 things you need to know” video has launched

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Camden Door Controls is supporting the launch of its innovative CX-EPD1289L preload strike with a new ‘5 Things You Need To Know’ promotional video. This latest video in the successful “5 Things You Need To Know” series succinctly explains what preload is, and demonstrates how the 1289L strike works with preload in contrast to how other competitive RIM strikes fail.

The objective of Camden’s “5 Things” videos is to give viewers an inside perspective of its products. The five topics covered in this newest video highlight the features and benefits of the 1289L Grade 1 surface mount RIM strike with latch monitoring. It also offers a ‘Universal’ strike design that delivers unparalleled application flexibility, with both UL security and fire listings.

Pressure on the keepers of the strike, known as preload, is the number one reason that RIM strikes fail to operate. Preload can be caused by differences in air pressure on each side of the door, a misaligned door, or simply someone pushing on the door before the strike is unlocked. Regardless of the cause, Camden’s 1289L RIM strike will operate where other strikes fail.

A Patented New RIM Strike Design
Camden CX-EPD1289L RIM strikes have a patented design that enables them to operate with up to 15lbs of preload pressure. The video puts that capability to the test!

One Universal Model
There’s no need to stock a range of RIM strike models – Camden offers one universal RIM strike that includes both security and fire ratings, field configured latch monitoring, selectable fail safe, fail secure operation, and dual voltage.

Metal Template Included
Installing this RIM strike is quick and easy – and a metal marking template is included in the package.

Backed by Camden’s No-Hassle 5 Year Warranty
Like all Camden strikes, the new 1289L RIM strike is backed by Camden’s exclusive five year no-hassle product warranty!

The CX-EPD1289L video can be viewed on Camden’s product page at as well as on Camden’s

YouTube channel:

For more information and to view Camden’s complete “5 Things You Need To Know” video library, please go to

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