C•CURE Go Reader from Johnson Controls provides a high security solution in an all-in-one terminal

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Johnson Controls has announced the availability of the new C-One2 mobile terminals from Coppernic for the innovative Tyco Software House C•CURE Go Reader.

C•CURE Go is an application that extends the capabilities of the C•CURE 9000 security and event management system with portable, secure access control functionality, even in remote or disconnected areas.

The Coppernic C-One2 handheld Android device, featuring a multi-technology HID read head, is the ideal mobile solution for controlling an individual’s access rights at any time and from anywhere. The C•CURE Go Reader application validates credentials, performs roll calls and can even enforce anti-passback on a per-device level and also in an online mode in conjunction with iSTAR controller areas.

C•CURE Go from Johnson Controls

C•CURE Go Reader can operate in offline mode, caching personnel records and clearance data, as well as buffering offline transactions and synchronising instantly with C•CURE 9000 when back online, making this ideal for construction sites, temporary entrances, offsite events or roaming security checkpoints for spontaneous badge checks.

For emergency situations, the C•CURE Go Reader features a roll call system administrator to produce a list of all users currently within a specified area, a crucial function for any emergency or evacuation plan. Cardholders simply present their QR code, iCLASS, MIFARE/ DESFire EV2 or proximity card to the Handheld reader. Once presented, C•CURE Go Reader shows the associated portrait image, cardholder status, clearance information and whether the individual can be admitted or rejected.

For quick tracking, the C•CURE Go Reader can easily create check points and track IN and OUT status for personnel, as well as capture the GIS location of each card ship and show locations on C•CURE 9000 workstations.

To learn more, visit www.swhouse.com

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