CENTEGIX partners with Axon for emergency response solution


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CENTEGIX has partnered with Axon Enterprise to integrate CENTEGIX into the Fusus by Axon platform, an emergency and incident management software provider for real-time crime center operations.

The partnership enables the CENTEGIX CrisisAlert wearable panic button badge to activate on-campus video cameras when an alert for help is signaled.

Exact location

“Access to law enforcement and first responders is critical in emergencies,” said Brent Cobb, CEO of CENTEGIX.

“With this partnership, we immediately notify first responders where help is needed, with exact indoor or outdoor alert locations and real-time camera feeds.

“The faster the right response is provided to the right location, we save time and save lives.

“By integrating Fusus by Axon with our Safety Platform, we create immediate awareness of emergencies for onsite responders, local police and real-time crime centers, informing them of exactly when and where an alert occurs, as well as what emergency assets are within the vicinity of the alert.”

By combining the immediacy and location specificity of CrisisAlert with Fusus by Axon’s real-time security camera feeds, on-site and first responders can gain situational awareness to determine the appropriate level of response needed for an emergency.

Paired together, Fusus by Axon and CENTEGIX’s Safety Platform will create an immediate, all-in-one video intelligence interface that eliminates silos among different security solutions to reduce emergency response time.

Axon has a long-standing partnership with law enforcement and has designed its real-time operations capabilities, including Fusus to integrate directly with local dispatchers and first responders to monitor and maintain real-time situational awareness of an event using live video.

Reducing response time

“This partnership with CENTEGIX will further reduce response time in emergencies and ultimately save lives,” said Fusus by Axon Senior Vice President Chris Lindenau.

“Integrating our proven technology solutions innovates a new chapter in safety—one where our communities feel safer and more protected.

“We are honored to collaborate on providing enhanced situational awareness to onsite and first responders and ultimately improve public safety in more places.”

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