Changing the perception of perimeter protection

perimeter protection

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Advanced Perimeter Systems highlights the common misconception surrounding electric security fences and why their versatility is yet to be fully realized.  

When envisioning an electrified security fence, the common association is with prisons or military camps.  

While it’s true that electric fencing is prevalent in such settings, the versatility of non-lethal pulsed electric fencing extends far beyond.  

It can be seamlessly installed in various locations, offering robust perimeter protection

While electric fences often exude an intimidating aura, serving as both a physical and psychological barrier, the assumption of high operational costs may prevail.  

However, consider this: APS Electro-Fence allows you to power your electric fence exclusively with solar energy. 

APS stands out as one of the few global manufacturers of electric fence controllers, designed with a focus on high security.  

It’s not only reliable and robust but also remarkably easy to install, without breaking the bank. 

Consuming minimal power while delivering a formidable 10,000-volt shock, it’s even suitable for off-grid scenarios.  

Tailored perimeter protection

With a diverse range of options, APS ensures a tailored solution for any security challenge.  

All future products are made to be backwards compatible with older models and we are even able to retrofit your existing electric fencing system with minimal changes. 

Don’t leave the security of your property to chance.  

Tap into our 40 years of industry expertise, proven track record and commitment to uncompromising quality.  

Contact APS today to discuss your security challenges and explore how our advanced perimeter systems and products can safeguard your assets, granting you the peace of mind you rightfully deserve. 

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