CIAS Perimeter Security expands operations in North America

North America - CIAS Perimeter Security expansion

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CIAS Perimeter Security has announced that it is expanding its network of integrators, installers and distributors in North America.

According to the company, it will more aggressively pursue the vertical markets of energy, corrections and transportation, with a particular focus on perimeter security at airport sites.

With US headquarters and a warehousing facility in Miami, Florida, CIAS Security’s expansion plan will include an additional location in Montreal with full-time staff on the ground.

North American expansion

“While we have been exporting our systems into the US for the past 14 years, we felt the need for a full-time presence in these very important markets,” said Raffaele De Astis, Executive Managing Director, CIAS Perimeter Security.

“It will allow us to more effectively penetrate the Americas by expanding our reach and connecting on a daily basis with strategic partners and customers here.

“Technical support to integrators (and end users) is a priority in this strategic move.

“Our existing customers will continue to receive the same high quality of service which they have come to expect, at the same time we look forward to growing our customer base and serving this market with even greater efficiently and responsiveness.”

The company says that the expanded entry into North America will take place over the next few months.

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