Three way collaboration helps to launch access control panels


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ZKTeco USA has announced that IMRON Corporation has fully integrated its Atlas access control panels with the UnityIS software platform, certified as z9/op=n by Z9 Security. With this integration, UnityIS customers now have a vast portfolio of access control panels to choose from. Atlas panels are simple and easy to install, designed and engineered in the USA, NDAA compliant and available in one, two and four door versions.

“ZKTeco USA appreciates the high value delivered to customers with Atlas panels in conjunction with industry-leading access control partners like IMRON Corporation and Z9 Security,” said Manish Dalal, President and Founder of ZKTeco USA.

“Atlas panels offer PoE, WiFi and advanced access control, along with being OSDP Verified, to bring a fully secure, reliable and integrated solution,” said Esteban Pastor, Product Manager at ZKTeco USA.

“UnityIS supports the full functionality of ZKTeco Atlas panels, managed from the cloud. The integration scales as needed, for fully-featured advanced access control,” said Fawzia Atcha, Vice President, IMRON Corporation.

“IMRON Corporation has been an innovator and trendsetter in access control software for decades. ZKTeco USA has been changing the face of the global access control industry with an amazing array of high-quality hardware and software products. Z9 Security is proud to have had longstanding relationships with both companies and is incredibly pleased to be able to help connect UnityIS and Atlas using z9/op=n technology,” said Ken Larson, President of Z9 Security.

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