Colombian city improves safety with AI-based surveillance

Surveillance camera - smart city in Colombia

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The Mayor of Itagüí, a municipality in Colombia, has announced that new security measures will be implemented throughout the city to increase safety.

According to the local government, artificial intelligence (AI) used in conjunction with surveillance will be used to reduce high-impact crimes.

Smart city surveillance

The new measures were announced at a security council attended by Mayor Diego Torres Sánchez, the police, army, prosecutor’s office, firefighters, business unions, administration agencies such as the Secretariats of Security, Mobility and Government, as well as other key stakeholders.

Itagüí will now have 692 security devices such as surveillance cameras linked to a monitoring center, which will include 67 license plate recognition (LPR) cameras.

Additionally, 38 community alarms connected to 500 panic buttons will be distributed among merchants and community leaders throughout the city.

Furthermore, 301 loudspeakers will be placed in the region.

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