Commend reveals new control desk management solution

Commend control desk - id8

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Commend has introduced its latest product, the id8 control desk, powered by the company‘s Symphony technology.

According to the company, with advanced features and direct dialing buttons, id8 takes call management to new heights, reducing response times and streamlining workflows for control room staff.

Commend also says that id8 is designed to provide complete control over a security system, ensuring prompt call detection and response.

Additional control desk features

Commend highlights that id8 combines the features of its intercoms with the software control desk functions of Symphony.

The company also says that everything is available on one control desk thanks to the touch display and id8 is suitable for almost all areas of application thanks to various layouts, yet remains individually adaptable.

The id8 includes an extremely bright 8″ touch display for an optimal user experience and is also expandable, with up to five direct dialing button modules with 14 physical buttons each.

There is also one freely programmable button directly on the device, that can be used for answering calls, as a door opener, for push to talk, etc.

It can be optionally integrated with high-resolution color video camera and is always with crystal clear sound up to 20 kHz uHD voice quality.

The id8 will be available in black and silver.

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