Four companies collaborate on biometric access control

Blue chain - biometric partnership between four companies

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PassiveBolt, ZKTECO USA, PDQ Manufacturing and TECH5 Group have announced their partnership and plans to develop a new biometric access control solution based on decentralized identity technology.

According to the companies, this collaboration is aimed at delivering a more secure and efficient way for businesses to manage access to their premises, but without needing to store or control biometric data.

The new solution combines the decentralized identity technology of PassiveBolt, the biometric readers of ZKTECO USA, the door locks of PDQ and the digital identity container technology for encrypted storage of data of the identity holder – T5-Cryptograph – of TECH5. The companies say this will enable businesses to authenticate the identity of individuals before providing access to physical areas or digital resources.

The importance of biometrics

“Biometric authentication is a growing trend as businesses search for user-friendly methods to secure their facilities and systems and authorize access,” said Kabir Maiga, CEO of PassiveBolt. “Through our collaboration with ZKTECO USA, PDQ Manufacturing and TECH5, we can provide a highly secure, decentralized solution that eliminates the need for centralized identity management systems along with its associated privacy and security risks.”

The companies highlight that the new solution will employ decentralized identity technology, providing an extra layer of security and privacy. This technology allows individuals to store and manage their own identity data, making it more difficult for hackers to gain access to sensitive information from centralized storage. It is compliant by design with all privacy laws, including BIPA and CCPA.


“We are excited to partner with PassiveBolt, PDQ Manufacturing and TECH5 to create a new biometric access control solution that leverages decentralized identity technology,” said Manish Dalal, President of ZKTECO USA. “This partnership demonstrates our commitment to innovation and our belief in the importance of biometric authentication as a key element of modern security systems.”

“A decentralized digital identity verified biometrically will become key for access control, especially when it uses revocable biometrics and verification on edge. We believe that this partnership and our innovative approach will provide the access control market with a unique and highly effective solution that is convenient and secure for both – management of buildings and users,” said Rahul Parthe, Co-Founder, Chairman and CTO of TECH5 Group.

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