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Kristen Plitt, Executive Vice President, Marketing & Operations, Costar Technologies, Inc. says that the company is keeping its customers at the forefront of everything it does.

Costar Technologies, Inc. designs, develops, manufactures and distributes a full range of video surveillance solutions and machine vision markets. The company consists of leading brands across the US, including AV Costar, CostarHD, Costar Video Systems and Innotech. With production facilities in Coppell, TX, San Diego, CA, and Pompano Beach, FL, we are one of few video solution providers that offer NDAA compliant products and product lines made in the US. At Costar, we strive to provide all of our customers with unified service and support creating a world class customer experience that is unmatched in the security industry.   

Costar has a team of trusted advisors that offer a unique experience to help our customers design and customize solutions that truly meet their needs. We listen to our customers and hear them, understanding that there are many different needs for many different applications. At Costar, we focus on providing high-quality products, service and support both internally and externally, creating a culture that empowers our customers and team members to drive solutions into the everchanging demands of the industry.

The Costar combined portfolio offers an extensive selection of interoperable solutions, offering a wide spectrum of features and products to meet the video surveillance needs of most verticals. With over 160 different form factors, lens options and resolutions, our vast offering enables us to provide solutions to meet the unique demands of our customers in each vertical market.  Costar identifies the needs of our customers by understanding the problem and designing the solution that is right for them, with products that increase scalability and operational efficiency across the wide range of interoperable solutions.  

AV Costar

AV Costar formerly known as Arecont Vision, has put immense focus on quality and reliability of products and solutions. Over the last 18 months, AV Costar has driven dramatic improvements which currently result in one of the lowest product failure rates in the industry. Employment of advanced life testing has Increased reliability on components used in the product offering which has decreased the failures in the field. AV Costar is the right choice for applications in manufacturing and industry, stadiums and large venues, warehouse and distribution logistics, hospitality, banking, healthcare and education.

The solution from AV Costar is increasingly a part of the answer for large enterprises by providing high-performance IP cameras, video management systems and cloud-managed video recording platforms at lower operating costs. AV Costar continues to expand its portfolio of NDAA cameras that offer a full suite of video analytics and advanced ONVIF support including our new line of Contera dual and quad multi-sensor cameras. If you have not recently explored AV Costar solutions, it is time to reconnect and experience the difference.

Costar Video Systems

Costar Video Systems meets a full spectrum of surveillance needs in retail, financial, commercial, educational and other multi-location applications. The StarNET Solution is a highly scalable and fully integrated network video surveillance solution that’s ready to fit your needs. StarNET Pro Software is a surveillance solution for both large enterprises and small business customers. Making it easy for installers and those unfamiliar with IT networks to easily navigate its rich feature set of powerful recording options.

StarNET is a powerful Video Management System (VMS) for Costar DirectNET Technology that allows users to intuitively view live camera feeds and access specialized video tools such as event search, playback, video export and more. The DirectNET cameras are part of the XDi Series product line and designed to self-configure on the network and begin recording within minutes of installation, making it easy and cost effective for the customer.

Costar Video Systems offers the perfect solution for project-based surveillance rollouts. When the time comes to transform and update a project, this system will allow seamless integration of your customer’s requirements. In addition, utilizing Costar’s family of cameras, keyboards, recorders, extended storage products, analytics appliances and more will help ensure a future-proof surveillance solution. Born out of Costar’s deep understanding of the surveillance market paired with the voice of the customer, StarNET is a premier surveillance solution for many needed applications. It is prepared to meet and exceed the customer’s needs and provide a scalable solution for a wide range of applications.

For more information, visit: costartechnologies.com

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