Cyber-attack hits more than 50 Colombian organizations

Cyber-attack - in Colombia

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Colombian President Gustavo Petro has announced that a cyber-attack hit more than 50 state entities and private companies last week.

As outlined by Reuters, IFX Networks, an internet service provider, revealed that it experienced a ransomware attack, which impacted many other businesses and organizations.

Petro told journalists in New York that the attack demonstrated IFX Networks did not have sufficient “cybersecurity measures” in place, putting the company in breach of its contracts.

“We are coordinating … a civil lawsuit and possibly a criminal case (against IFX Networks),” Colombia‘s Minister for Information, Technology and Communications, Mauricio Lizcano, said on X.

In a statement on its website, IFX Networks said that it understands the complexity of the incident and the problems it has caused for those affected.

“Thanks to the swift detection and action of our team, we were able to limit the potential reach of the attack and considerably contain the number of affected systems,” the statement said.

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