CyCognito appoints Anne Marie Zettlemoyer as Chief Security Officer


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CyCognito has announced the appointment of security veteran Anne Marie Zettlemoyer as Chief Security Officer (CSO). With over 20 years of experience in technical leadership at Mastercard, Capital One, Deloitte and the US Secret Service, Anne Marie joins CyCognito at a time of record growth and market momentum. As CSO, Anne Marie will be responsible for bolstering CyCognito’s key security focus areas of threat intelligence, vulnerability management, security engineering and operations, and incident management.

“Adding Anne Marie to the team is a major win for CyCognito and for the brands we serve,” said Rob Gurzeev, CEO, CyCognito. “Anne Marie has played key security roles at some of the most prominent enterprises and government agencies, and will leverage these experiences to help us scale and accelerate our value in the marketplace. The problem we solve is foundational for any company operating in the cloud and with Anne Marie onboard, we are positioned to continue to be the enabling technology that allows organizations to proactively secure every corner of their growing attack surfaces.”

Sitting at the intersection of business, security and analytics, Zettlemoyer has served as a trusted advisor for Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, law enforcement, security vendors and think tanks. She was most recently the Business Security Officer and Vice President of Security Engineering at Mastercard, where she was responsible for the security of its trillion-dollar digital division across 120 countries.

She is also a Fellow at the National Security Institute and has held a number of strategic and technical security leadership roles, including the Head of Security Architecture, Engineering, and Solutions at Freddie Mac, Director of the Cyber Think Tank at Capital One, Director of Business Analytics at Mandiant, and Special Advisor for the Director of the US Secret Service. She has served on the board of directors and advisors for several security companies and nonprofits, is a founding board member of Security Tinkerers, and advocated for security policies on Capitol Hill.

“I’m honored to join the executive team at CyCognito. Everything from their impressive roster of seasoned leaders to their vision of transforming attack surface management and threat-informed defense, made it an easy choice,” said Zettlemoyer.

“The value CyCognito is delivering to its customers is unmatched. As a longtime security practitioner, I’ve experienced firsthand the value of hygiene during intense fast-paced remediation efforts like the Log4j zero-day, as well as day-to-day security management.”

Zettlemoyer continued: “The difficulties of protecting critical business assets across a company’s growing attack surface cannot be understated and CyCognito tackles these challenges head-on, providing confidence and clarity to security decisions. I’m very excited to join a company that looks to defend the world through practical, reliable, and actionable solutions.

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