Deep Sentinel releases new wireless security camera system

DS2 - Deep Sentinel wireless security camera

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Deep Sentinel has announced the launch of a next-generation version of its wireless security camera system, dubbed the DS2.

According to the company, based on customer feedback, it upgraded its flagship product to keep the basic look of the original but update the technical features of the camera.

The new DS2 wireless security cameras have a wider field of view, offering a comprehensive 130-degree field, which Deep Sentinel says is wide enough to capture everything important without distorting a scene.

Improved night vision has also been added, as well as a mini motion-activated LED floodlight included with the camera.

The company says that DS2 system now offers full HD resolution at 1080p, a marked improvement over the 480p resolution of the original.

Additionally, although Deep Sentinel’s wireless cameras are designed to use rechargeable batteries, each DS2 camera also has an integrated USB port for external power options, such as solar panels.

This feature allows users to choose the power source works best for their properties.

The cameras’ artificial intelligence (AI) processor has also been improved, with every DS2 hub containing a powerful NXP ARM Cortex A53 processor, a revamped AI model that analyzes footage at 30 frames per second and ample storage for recordings.

The company also emphasizes that its monitoring service remains, with live professional guards watching properties and responding to any incidents instantly.

Wireless security cameras

“Deep Sentinel’s unique fusion of AI-powered surveillance with live guards is our answer to security threats for businesses and homes in the US,” said CEO and Co-Founder of Deep Sentinel, David “Selly” Selinger.

“The release of the DS2 wireless camera system underscores our dedication to our primary goals of delivering unparalleled crime prevention solutions and making state-of-the-art protection accessible to all.”

The company says that the DS2 wireless security camera system represents the next evolution in its cutting-edge security lineup, offering a proactive approach that differs from traditional alarm systems.

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