Delta’s anti-terrorist barrier meets one million cycle reliability test

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Delta Scientific has revealed its counter-terrorist crash barrier that can stop a 7.5 ton truck dead at 50mph has passed the US Department of State test by working for one million cycles.

In a statement Delta told SJA that its Open Frame DSC550 was tested from September 2021 through April 2022, outside, exposed to full sunlight, and the effects of climatic conditions. Cycle rate on the barrier was three per minute.

Delta DS550 (EM)
Stopped dead at 50mph

“Delta is excited to see client agencies such as the State Department’s Overseas Building Operations increase their specs to 1,000,000 cycles,” said Keith Bobrosky, Delta Scientific President.  “This will allow Delta products to shine and give purchasing agencies more confidence in the products they already count on.”

According to the report by the independent test facility, the barrier system was found to be capable of 1,000,000 continuous operations without failure of any component necessary for continued barrier operation outside of scheduled maintenance. “It’s very exciting to see the DCS550 (EM) complete a million cycles with such little maintenance. Less down time means more protection for our clients who depend on our barriers to work day-in and day-out,” exclaims Matt Owens, Senior Mechanical Project Engineer.

The DSC550 remains in its foundation and the opening stays blocked, the barrier will stop a 15,000lb (6,800kg) vehicle traveling 50 mph (80 kph) but provides a multiple hit capability.

Greg Hamm, Delta Scientific Vice President, Sales, and Marketing said: “Security professionals that must protect their perimeters from terrorists and errant drivers must have the confidence that their barriers will perform their functions each and every time.”

2-ISJ- Delta's anti-terrorist barrier meets one million cycle reliability test
Shallow foundation and open frame design, the DSC550 avoids interfering with underground services

Upon impact, the DSC550 remains in its foundation and the opening stays blocked, providing a multiple hit capability. In its M50 crash test, the DSC550 completely disabled the test vehicle, causing severe damage to the occupant department and power train.

The maximum penetration recorded was less than zero. The P1 penetration rating was given because the penetration beyond the protected side of the barrier was less than 1.0m at the lower leading edge of the test vehicle’s cargo bed.

With its 24-inch (61 cm) shallow foundation and open frame design, the DSC550 avoids interference with buried pipes, power lines, and fibre optic communication lines. The shallow foundation also reduces installation complexity, time, materials, and corresponding costs. The DSC550 is perfect for high water table locations and areas with corrosive soils. It provides low maintenance as all components are easily accessible.

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