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New door entry intercom solutions revealed by Zenitel

Intercom from Zenitel

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Zenitel has announced the launch of the turbine extended intercoms, TEIV1+ and TEIV4+.

According to the company, the TEIV1+ is designed to simplify a visitor’s experience with PIN-based access control and easy-to-use scroll and direct calls.

The TEIV4+ is designed to provide convenient access with a card reader of the user’s choice.

With the TEIV4+, it is also possible to house leading access control card readers like HID and Elatec, removing the need for separate card reader mounting products.

Advanced intercom features

Zenitel says that both new intercoms are engineered to provide the best audio and video communication performance tailored to every environment.

The audio technology included with the readers includes automatic volume control, acoustic echo cancellation and active noise reduction features.

This new range also has a wide-angle lens and exceptional low-light performance while maintaining HD video quality, Zenitel says.

“We are excited to provide security system integrators and building owners with these new door entry intercoms,” said Peter McKeag, Product Manager for Zenitel.

“Our goal is to help them simplify and secure their access control solutions.

“We also want to provide them with the freedom to select third-party accessories to meet their project’s requirements.”

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