Eagle Eye and Immix promise video monitoring game-changer

Video monitoring concept

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Eagle Eye Networks has confirmed a technology integration enhancement with central station monitoring software provider Immix to securely connect any business location using the Eagle Eye Cloud VMS (video management system) with any central video monitoring station using Immix.

According to the companies, this integration brings the distinct advantages of the cloud, including greatly simplified installation, robust end-to-end cybersecurity, centralized management of multiple locations and AI-filtering to dramatically reduce false-positive activity to the monitoring center or command center professional.

Open platforms

The companies highlight that the video monitoring integration delivers timely and accurate information to central station operators and customers alike, resulting in improved situational awareness, response times and customer satisfaction.

Deployed at hundreds of central stations, security operations centers (SOCs) and alarm receiving centers (ARCs) across more than 40 countries, Immix gives central video monitoring station operators the ability to use a single interface to view video events from multiple video and security systems and other technologies. 

The companies emphasize that the benefits of the video monitoring integration include: 

  • Simple installation: resellers can onboard thousands of sites with a single click, with no need to roll a truck
  • Robust cybersecurity: cloud-based system does not require port forwarding or camera tunneling and security cameras are locked down to prevent cybersecurity breaches 
  • False-positive alarm reduction: Eagle Eye AI-filtering distinguishes vehicles and people from unimportant activity. Fewer false-positive alarms dramatically reduces per-event cost and inconvenience for reseller and end user 
  • Situational awareness: pre and post-alarm recording feature gives operators important information by delivering video taken before and after an alarm
  • Two-way audio: monitoring station can take prompt action to deter an event before damage is done, reducing the need to dispatch security or law enforcement
  • Low latency: Eagle Eye cloud-native alarm filtering eliminates delays
  • Economical professional monitoring: integration makes professional video monitoring feasible for large enterprise organizations and small and medium-size businesses 
  • Improved compliance: meets the needs of businesses in regulated industries that require professional alarm monitoring
  • RMR generator: solution provides additional high-margin RMR-generation opportunities for resellers

“The Eagle Eye system is cloud-based and open, so our built-in AI can also be augmented with third-party AI technology,” said Dean Drako, CEO of Eagle Eye Networks.

“Furthermore, Immix also connects with Brivo Access, which means their dashboard can complete the full loop of receiving alarms, viewing video, performing a two-way audio session and providing remote access.”

“Immix and Eagle Eye share a vision and are strategically aligned to deliver a powerful solution which will allow our customers to grow their footprint for managed video services and empower them to dramatically increase their recurring revenue streams on a global scale,” added Immix CEO Chris Brown.

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