Eagle Eye Networks uses investment to fund AI product development

Tall buildings - investment concept. Eagle Eye investment from SECOM

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Eagle Eye Networks, a supplier of cloud video surveillance, has announced it will use a $100 million primary equity investment from SECOM, CO., LTD. to expand its suite of AI-powered products, fund geographic expansion and enhance its enterprise features.

The company says that it has made significant advancements in AI technology with the introduction of Eagle Eye Smart Video Search. Smart Video Search is available to all existing and new Eagle Eye Cloud VMS customers across the globe.

New developments

According to the company, it will fund R&D to support a product road map of next-generation AI-solutions including: 

  • Worker safety monitoring
  • Smart anomaly detection
  • Natural language search
  • Business analysis

Eagle Eye will also expand its operations in Mexico, Argentina and Brazil, as well as Japan, Germany, Southeast Asia and the Middle East. The company says that it will also further invest in product capabilities designed for multisite customers with large global camera deployments.


“Cloud and AI are revolutionizing the video surveillance industry, so the time is right for us to supercharge our AI product development and worldwide expansion with this major investment from SECOM,” said Dean Drako, Founder and CEO of Eagle Eye Networks.

“The Eagle Eye Cloud VMS is built to deliver what business owners today are looking for: a powerful platform with native AI features, a robust open API and extensive technology ecosystem that allows customers to leverage cloud video surveillance for their specific security and business needs.”

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