Educational lineup revealed for ESX 2024

Louisville - location of ESX

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The Electronic Security Expo (ESX), presented by the Electronic Security Association (ESA), has announced the release of its full educational lineup for the 2024 conference.

Taking place at the Kentucky International Convention Center in Louisville, Kentucky, from 3 – 6 June 2024, ESX 2024 is set to deliver an extensive educational experience tailored for security professionals. 

ESX 2024 offers a diverse range of educational sessions, with over 30 sessions spanning four tracks curated to meet the needs of security professionals.

The conference covers tactical advice in sales, operations, management, monitoring and executive leadership, providing insights to help businesses grow and maintain competitiveness.

In addition, a special emphasis is placed on building Recurring Monthly Revenue (RMR), offering strategic insights into creating sustainable revenue streams. 

“Every year, ESX presents a wealth of knowledge tailored for security professionals,” said George De Marco, ESX Chairman.

“Our educational sessions feature industry leaders, visionaries and experts sharing insights, best practices and the latest advancements.

“It’s not just education; it’s a pathway for you and your team to shape your company’s future in the business of security.” 


Sessions in the Sales Track: 

  • Unlocking Video Sales that Surge RMR: Strategies, Techniques and Applications 
  • How to Boost Revenue without Adding Customers 
  • Maximizing Recurring Revenue (RMR) with Fire Alarm Systems  
  • Beyond Price: Roleplaying Value-Driven Sales Strategies *Interactive* 
  • Optimizing Your Sales Teams Part 1: Performance Metrics, Commission Models and Repeatable Processes 
  • Optimizing Your Sales Teams Part 2: Hiring Your Next Successful Salesperson: Essential Skills and Traits 
  • Enhancing the Sales Process to Close Faster and Maximize RMR 
  • Unique Sales Strategies for the Top 5 Commercial Verticals 
  • Elevating Security and RMR With Cloud-Based Access Control 


Sessions in the Operations Track: 

  • Benchmarking Operational KPIs: Identify. Implement. Track. 
  • Harmonizing Sales and Operations: Maximizing ROI through Collaborative Estimating 
  • Dispatch Excellence: The Key to Minimizing Truck Rolls and Maximizing Service Efficiency 
  • Video Surveillance and Monitoring in the Age of Intelligent Security 
  • Mastering Inventory Management for Efficiency 
  • Cybersecurity Readiness: Preparing for the Inevitable 
  • Winning the Technician Talent Race: Hiring Right in a Competitive Market 
  • Project Management Mastery: Installations from Queue to Close 


Sessions in the Management Track: 

  • Raising RMR Rates Without Customer Attrition 
  • Visionary Insights: How and Why Video Monitoring Can Supercharge Your RMR 
  • Mastering the Art of Value: Acquisition Intelligence & Enterprise Valuation 
  • Revolutionizing Security: Unveiling the Power of AI and Machine Learning Integration 
  • Unleash the Power of Strategic Bundling to Transform Your Business 
  • Beyond Fire Alarm Monitoring: The Power of Inspections and Maintenance RMR 
  • Mastering Talent Retention through Compensation Benchmarking and Rewarding Excellence 
  • Empowering Your Workforce to Create Loyal Customers 
  • From Life Safety to Lifestyle: Transformative Industry Strategies 
  • RMR Reporting Decoded: Lenders Standards and Expectations 


Sessions in the Monitoring Track: 

  • Emerging Technologies in Alarm Monitoring: Trends and Innovations 
  • Verified Alarm Systems: Strengthening Response Through Enhanced Verification 
  • Elevating Customer Experience through Alarm Monitoring 
  • Cybersecurity Resilience for Security Professionals: Threats and Solutions 

Bonus best-practice sharing sessions and sessions in ESX’s exclusive Executive Leadership Track are to be announced soon. 

All educational sessions for ESX are curated and taught by the industry’s top electronic security and life safety technology pros, who are passionate about sharing their experience and helping security businesses grow and succeed.

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