Emergency key grab kit for K-12 schools revealed by Morse Watchmans

School classroom - emergency key kit

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Morse Watchmans, a provider of key control and asset management systems, has announced the launch of its Emergency Key Grab (EKG) Kit, a solution designed for use in K-12 schools.

Emergency key control

The company says that the new EKG Kit centers around its proprietary electronic key control system and includes additional materials and support required to provide first responders with fast, secure access to keys in the event of a school lockdown or emergency.

Morse Watchmans says that the emergency key kit is a comprehensive solution consisting of new and exclusive products and materials, including:

  • A one-module or greater KeyWatcher Touch System
  • Color-coded SmartKeys and KeyRing with Hubs 
  • Unique KeyWatcher System First Response KeyRing Identification Label 
  • Educational materials: Implementing Key Control in K-12 Schools Tip Sheet and K-12 Schools 
  • Key Control Playbook hard copies 
  • One-on-one educational training from Morse Watchmans 
  • Template and guidelines for writing a K-12 school district key control policy 


Morse Watchmans highlights that with the featured KeyWatcher Touch System, critical school keys are securely stored within individual compartments with each key uniquely assigned and tracked using the included SmartKeys and KeyRing.

With a unique PIN code or other designated credential, responding officers or school resource officers (SROs) can swiftly retrieve the required keys, such as those for locked classrooms or secured areas, enabling them to enter and address the situation promptly.

With every complete emergency key kit deployment, schools benefit from both a controlled, known location for master keys as well as the implementation of a complete key control policy, Morse Watchmans says.

This can improve response times and effectiveness during critical incidents and give parents peace of mind, knowing that their children’s school is equipped with robust security measures to handle emergencies efficiently.

Enhancing safety

“Given the unfortunate rise in active shooter incidents at schools and the coinciding pressure on responding agencies, we wanted to develop a solution that empowers both schools and their local first responders with the tools they need to improve critical event outcomes,” said Tim Purpura, Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing, Morse Watchmans.

“This of course goes beyond our hardware solutions to include expert consultation services and exclusive materials designed to facilitate a successful key control deployment with the ultimate goal of saving lives.”

Morse Watchmans also says that in addition to facilitating emergency response, an emergency key kit utilized in K-12 schools enhances general security protocols.

It enables schools to centralize key management, ensuring that keys are always properly secured and accounted for and only accessible by authorized personnel.

Moreover, the KeyWatcher Touch system can be further networked with additional Morse Watchmans products to create a comprehensive solution for key management, fleet management, asset management and more.

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