Emergency response in Utah communities enhanced by Carbyne

Police car - emergency response

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Carbyne has announced that Metro Emergency Communications in Provo, Utah, is now utilizing the Carbyne Universe platform, which will improve emergency response and public safety in the communities of Provo, Orem and Lindon.

According to the company, Carbyne Universe is a 911 call management solution that provides a holistic, immersive view of an incident by collecting and integrating rich media and data from a caller and presenting it in a unified interface.

Whereas legacy 911 technology is voice only, Carbyne Universe allows call takers to receive precise location data, see live video, chat via text and gather other valuable information from emergency callers.

Carbyne says that its Responder Connect feature allows field responders to share vital information in real-time, further enhancing situational awareness.

A Video WallBoard offers a comprehensive visual representation of ongoing incidents, ensuring dispatchers can precisely track and manage emergencies.

Improved emergency response

“Until recently, 911 and emergency response in Utah County depended almost entirely on voice conversations between callers, dispatchers and field responders,” said Heather Perkins, Manager of Metro Emergency Communications.

“With Carbyne Universe, we have a much bigger, more accurate picture.

“For example, since we went live with the new system on August 28, we have been able to see some of the emergency incidents in real-time, using the caller’s video feed and share crucial information with field responders before they arrived.

“[Now], we can access, analyze and share more information about every crisis that comes to us. That kind of insight and awareness will help us help many people in crisis.”   

“We are proud to work with Metro Emergency Communications and support their commitment to innovation and improvement,” said Amir Elichai, CEO of Carbyne.

“Our technology helps public safety departments perform their jobs more efficiently and effectively because we believe every person counts.”

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