Enhanced features now available for Boon Edam’s frameless access gate

The Winglock Swing from Boon Edam

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Royal Boon Edam International B.V., a provider of security entrances and architectural revolving doors, has announced that it has significantly upgraded its slimmest access gate, the Winglock Swing.

According to the company, this upgrade commits to delivering a safer, more diverse, wide-lane entrance solution without compromising on any aesthetics.

Securing entrances

The company says that the Winglock Swing access gate is the ideal secure entrance companion for safe entry, requiring a wide opening, such as large objects or group passage. Constructed from high-quality stainless steel and a single glass panel, the original Winglock Swing is easy to use and discreet in nature and design. This latest upgrade offers even more on top of the classic option.


The additions to the new Winglock Swing include:

  • Larger range of available dimensions – taller glass panels and wider/double options
  • Higher fence line to accompany Speedlanes with high glass panels
  • Wider passage to accommodate large groups or large object passageway
  • New synchronous movement, avoiding injury without the need for sensor technologies
  • Safety standards are EN17352 compliant
  • Compatible with the BoonTouch for both single and double-wing configurations
  • Improved and updated motor to support safety compliance and additional glass weight

“This product update is a direct response to our customer’s requests for an extended range of dimensions in wide lane entrances. We have made admirable progress with these new and improved functions and features and intend to keep going,” said Amine Bouchareb, Product Manager of the Security Barrier Portfolio at Boon Edam.


Boon Edam says that the Winglock Swing provides a sense of safety and reassurance for visitors and can be fine-tuned to be consistent with the overall design aesthetic of the building or facility.

Design features such as intuitive LED lights and ergonomic design facilitate a modern security entrance within a small area, the company says.

“We are most proud of the passage size we have been able to engineer with such a slim column and small footprint,” said Bouchareb. “This has been done to align with Boon Edam’s  renowned design philosophy of ‘Premium Minimalism’.”

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