Kroll unveils Enterprise Security Risk Management practice

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Kroll has announced the launch of its Enterprise Security Risk Management (ESRM) practice to provide comprehensive security and advisory services, helping its clients transition from the traditional approach to security programs to a modern ESRM framework.

According to the company, this new practice takes a holistic and inclusive approach to security risk identification and mitigation practices across the entire enterprise.

Threats against organizations continue to increase as the exposure to threats and risk are compounded with evolving geopolitical tensions, natural disasters and new threat actors.

Security programs and the technology supporting them need to keep pace with the risks.

Shifting perspectives in security threats

Kroll says that identifying exposure across a whole enterprise requires a comprehensive approach to analyzing an organization’s risk and reducing both inconsistency and the disconnect between security and the business.

This risk management methodology instills the proper mindset to create a transparent value proposition for all types of organizations, regardless of industry, vertical, geography or specialty.

The company highlights that its experts have decades of on-the-ground experience helping clients identify and manage risk to their organizations and delivering industry-leading, tailored threat management and risk mitigation services.

Kroll views security as a function of risk management; it works at the Board and C-suite levels by leading risk-based conversations, enabling clients to understand that security risk is similar to, and equally as critical as, legal or financial risk.

“It’s a risk specialty that requires an industry expert to define it responsibly and provide ISO-recognized mitigative practices that can be measured for effectiveness and value,” the company noted.

Technology is integral

Resolver, a Kroll business, also serves as a close partner to the ESRM practice, providing market-leading software and threat management services to prevent incidents in the workplace.

It has won numerous awards, most recently at ISC West and GSX. The ESRM practice heavily influences and integrates with Resolver’s Command Center, Security Risk Management, Threat and RAGE-V apps.

Along with traditional services, such as workplace violence and active assailant preparedness, security consulting, geopolitical risk analysis, executive protection and threat and crisis management solutions, the company says that it continues to develop new strategic offerings.

These offerings aid clients in constructing world-class risk management programs, properly aligned with their business units and oriented towards their organization’s mission and goals.

“Kroll is prepared to design and assist clients in maturing their ESRM, global security, threat management, proprietary information and insider risk programs,” the company added.

“Our experts can assist your organization with understanding risk and positioning your security department as a critical risk stakeholder in your enterprise.”

Visit the Kroll website to learn more.

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