Everbridge unveils mobile app to improve critical response

First responder on phone - critical response

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Everbridge has recently revealed its new Control Center Responder mobile app, a solution designed to enhance critical response and improve physical security information management (PSIM).

According to the company, the recent introduction of the Everbridge Control Center Responder mobile app “revolutionizes” incident management by extending control room capabilities to responders in the field.

The new application offers real-time access to alerts for users outside the control room.

Mobile users can actively contribute to incident resolution by creating alerts that demand immediate attention from control room operators, fostering efficient communication and a rapid response. 

Critical response

“In an increasingly unpredictable world, best-in-resilience organizations are equipped to minimize the impact of critical events on their people and operations,” said David Wagner, Chief Executive Officer at Everbridge.

“For many organizations, as their operations continue to grow – involving more systems, more data and many more users – physical security management can be a daunting task.

“When a critical event unfolds and information floods your organization, it can be overwhelming.

Everbridge Control Center provides an effective unified platform to get the right information to the right people at the right time to protect your employees and facilities and ensure operational continuity.”

The company highlights that the critical response solution correlates events from disparate safety and security systems into a ‘common operating picture’ to focus attention on what matters most.

The platform provides users with actionable alerts, next step activities and automated reporting to better manage risks, guarantee compliance with operating procedures and support operational continuity.

Automated workflows reduce the risk of human error, while dynamic reports and dashboards provide real-time actionable insights for operations teams and senior executives.

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