Evolon announces new launch of Evolon Insites

Surveillance - Camera and Evolon

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Evolon Technology, Inc., a developer of proprietary software technology that takes surveillance video and turns it into real-time actionable information, has announced the market launch of Evolon Insites, a cloud platform that leverages computer vision, AI and video analytics to detect, classify and verify potential threats.

The company says that providing real-time threat detection, insightful forensic searches and long-term video archiving, the new product is delivered by securely connecting customer-premise video systems to powerful cloud-based analytics and video storage. As it leverages a pure SaaS model, organizations can quickly scale and apply the service to cameras without the need for expensive AI servers, GPUs and storage systems. Insites is designed to work in the most demanding outdoor environments, delivering alerts to security operation centers or central stations.

“We’re proud to offer Evolon Insites as a service that is natively integrated with our VMS partners to offer best-in-class perimeter security for challenging outdoor environments such as airports, electric utility facilities, government installations and other critical infrastructure. Insites is a higher performing and lower-cost alternative to expensive premise hardware-based analytics or buried sensors that require trenching,” said Tom Galvin, Evolon’s President and CEO.

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