EXCLUSIVE: Texas Night is in Texas!

Texas scene with cowboys - Texas Night

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Charles “Chuck” Andrews, Founder/Chairman of the Board of Friends of Chuck (FOC), reveals what you can expect at Texas Night, the networking event taking place just before GSX 2023.

Y’all are invited to an unforgettable “Texas Night in Texas”!

Taking place on Sunday 10 September at Gilley’s Dallas, revel in the vibrant Texan culture and immerse yourself in southern hospitality. From the moment you swing the doors open, you’ll be greeted with a warm handshake and a taste of genuine Texas flair.

Feast on mouthwatering Tex-Mex cuisine, savor refreshing beverages and Texas two-step to live country music. You’ll have the chance to meet fellow GSX attendees from around the world, network with industry professionals and create lasting memories in the security industry!

Whether you’re a seasoned Texan or just visiting the Lone Star State for GSX, this event is a must-attend. So, dust off your cowboy boots, grab your hat and join us for an unforgettable Texas Night before GSX 2023!

What will be happening at Texas Night?

The security cowboys and cowgirls who come to Texas Night will be able to meet with security colleagues and professionals, CSOs and other leaders from around the globe, along with the sponsors who’ll be sharing and displaying the coolest security solutions!

That’s not all, though! Want to watch an armadillo race? Need a TX country dance instructor to teach you how to two-step with a live country band playing? Want to ride the mechanical bull? Want to meet and shake the hand of a real Texas Ranger? Want to support the Texas Ranger’s 200-year Bicentennial get the official and coveted Texas Ranger 200-year Bicentennial Challenge Coin for your collection, friends or employees?

Want to try some Texas Ranger Whiskey, the official whiskey of #texasnight2023? Want to eat Tex-Mex food? Need an artist to draw you and a friend as a keepsake for the event? Want to see the innovative security solutions from our sponsors in The Lone Star Room? Want to get roped by a cowboy? Want to expand your network, do new business deals, find out who is hiring and figure out early who you need to see at GSX 2023?

It all starts with Texas Night in Texas, at Gilley’s world-famous honky tonk! #yeehaw

Why should attendees of GSX also head to Texas Night?

For nine years, Texas Night has been a FREE event that kicks off GSX the night before doors swing open to the showroom floors, setting the tone for the week and allowing everyone an early start in meeting colleagues from around the world – talking business, finding a job, doing deals and making new Friends of Chuck friends… all while having fun Texas style!

Everybody in the industry knows that Texas Night is the number one event and now that Texas Night is in Texas, well, that means an #epicsecurityeventofthedecade. 

Texas Night is FREE to ASIS GSX attendees, but registration is mandatory.  

Texas Night has now been running for a long time – why has this event been such a growing success?

Texas Night has become an institution that the entire security community from around the world looks forward to, because it allows a level of networking in an atmosphere of great fun based on all things “Texas”.

Why is the word Texas important here? The very word “Texas” actually means “friendship” and friendship is conducive to making life-long relationships with colleagues and professionals from around the globe, wherever we go!

When we gather for Texas Night, you are in the friendliest culture in the world and thus are a huge part of the Texas Night success! Additionally, thanks to all our sponsors, we create the unique opportunity for attendees to see unprecedented and critical security technology the night before the GSX conference begins – first!

By having direct conversations with security solution providers, in an atmosphere of food, fun and “friendliness”, it makes for the ongoing and growing success of Texas Night! Besides, who doesn’t love all things TEXAS!

Why is it important to bring the industry together in person?

It is critical that the security industry gathers in order to grow, learn and share! We are human beings, not human robots! 

In my Amazon bestseller book, YES, S.I.R., the letter “R” in S.I.R. speaks to the criticality of (R) relationships. I speak to the fact that there is no substitute for human beings gathering in a fun venue to network in physical human form, as opposed to virtual, to get business done, discuss ideas, find a job and share synergies… plus much more!

It’s amazing to see what comes out of Texas Night each year… someone finds their dream job, new business deals and acquisitions take place, new equity is invested, partnerships are formed and goods and services are sold to other security leaders who otherwise had no knowledge that a particular product or solution even existed!

This is why gathering together is crucial and let’s not forget – lifelong relationships are also another benefit! 

What can attendees find in The Lone Star Room?

When you arrive, your first stop is Gilley’s Lone Star Room, where you will find fun events and all the sponsors. Take the time to thank them for their sponsorship and take a look at what they are doing to make the world a safer place. Bring your business cards, too! 

Is there anything new for this year?


Also this year – be on the lookout for something new! #ChucksDucks are special cowboy ducks hidden around the Gilley’s venue, with some special prizes to be given away if you find one! When you find it, make sure you bring it to me to determine if you won! #yeehaw 

Register here

Key details

Date: Sunday 10 September 2023

Time: 6pm – 10pm CDT

Location: Gilley’s Dallas – 1135 Botham Jean Boulevard, Dallas, TX 75215*

*across the street from the Kay Bailey Hutchison Conference Center

Entry: FREE to GSX attendees – you must be registered to attend. Entry ONLY by QR Code on your phone/printed ticket.  

This article was originally published in the September edition of Security Journal Americas. To read your FREE digital edition, click here.

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