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SJA speaks exclusively with Ed Hendricks, the North American Sales Manager at access control and integrated security systems provider, Keri Systems.

Could you tell our readers about Keri Systems Inc?

Keri Systems has been in the forefront of developing access control and security management solutions worldwide for over 30 years. Our product offerings are highly scalable with design flexibility for true Cloud hosted systems, Borealis, as well as On-Premise based systems, Doors.NET. On the access controller hardware side, we manufacture four variations of door controllers and a series of telephone entry controllers plus two series of proximity card readers and a wide array of credential models. Not only that but Keri offers easy interoperability with Mercury Security controllers, wireless locking solutions from Assa Abloy, Allegion and DormaKaba, Farpointe Data card readers and credentials, TRES Transponders, Allegion Schlage card readers and credentials and HID card readers and credentials.

Where do you believe the key areas of growth will be over the coming 12 months?

Without a doubt, we expect the largest growth will be with Cloud Access Control as a Service (ACSaaS) requirements and App based access control solutions. These will require the seamless integration of a wide variety hardwired, wireless locking products and mobile access via geo-location or virtual credentials. The market demand for these conveniences while still offering a high level of security only continues to grow on a daily basis.

You are a leader in access control across North America, what do you believe is the company’s unique selling point?  

Actually, it is a little difficult to just distill all our positive attributes down into a singular unique selling point, but that might just be the point of Keri Systems from our flexibility of products, integrations and the support we can provide. I feel we bring a Swiss Army knife approach to the marketplace in offering a multitude of solutions for any given property or facility and not shoehorning the customer into a single solution. Use the right solution for the right application.

How has the video surveillance area of your business grown?  

Video surveillance integration can be highly critical to many facilities for verification of who passes through a turnstile, door, gate or even traveled on an elevator. In staying true to our business model, we integrate with a wide range of video manufacture solutions. In fact, earlier this year the list of different VMS manufacturers that can be integrated with our Doors.NET platform has nearly tripled in length.

In this issue of SJA we have looked at the growth of the Cloud use for security back-up in place of physical servers. How has Keri increased cloud use in the past couple of years?  

Excellent question and thought. Not only has Keri released our new Borealis ACSaaS platform that resides and operates 100% in the Cloud but we have has brought key elements and benefits of the Cloud to our Doors.NET On-Premise for Database Backup, Storage and immediate Recovery. The addition of the feature certainly provides that insurance policy against data disaster situations that many System Administrators and IT Directors require for their applications.

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