EyeLock releases new biometric security system

biometric security

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EyeLock has announced the support of Passkeys, an authentication technology based on public key cryptography, into its biometric security systems. 

In an era where digital threats are becoming increasingly sophisticated, the demand for robust security measures is higher than ever.  

EyeLock says that its biometric security systems now offer a dual-layer authentication approach, combining iris recognition with the cryptographic strength of Passkey technology.  

“EyeLock is excited to introduce the next evolution in biometric security with support for Passkey technology,” said Allen Ibaugh, CEO, EyeLock.  

“By combining the accuracy of iris recognition with the robustness of public key cryptography, we are setting a new standard for secure authentication in the digital age.”  

Passkey’s two step authentication 

This two-factor authentication enhances security and mitigates the risk of unauthorized access. 

Passkeys uses proven security of public key cryptography to create a secure link between the user and the authentication system.  

This cryptographic technique adds an extra layer of protection to sensitive information, making it nearly impossible for malicious actors to compromise user credentials, EyeLock reports.  

Along with its security features, EyeLock’s Passkey support ensures a user-friendly experience.  

The combination of biometric and cryptographic authentication eliminates the need for traditional passwords, reducing the risk of password-related vulnerabilities. 

EyeLock’s commitment to innovation means our biometric security systems, implemented with Passkeys, are designed to adapt to evolving security needs.  

The scalable architecture allows for integration into existing security infrastructures, making it a suitable solution for businesses of all sizes. 

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